Mobile phone technology is rapidly advancing; the uses for new mobile device technology are seemingly endless. You can shoot video, download movies, download songs, purchase items online and make short video and photo compositions. Since the uses of mobile phones have advanced greatly in recent years, so have the abuses of mobile phones. And such advanced features of smartphones seem more dangerous in hands of your children and employees. But there is no need to worry any longer because MobiEspion provides you full access over the devices of your children and employee. It helps you monitor your children’s and employees’ activities 24/7. Features of MobiEspion are designed keeping in view personal needs of a parent and professional requirements of an employer. MobiEspion helps you:

  • Invigilate your children.
  • Oversee your employees.

Watchdog your Employees

When owning and operating any type of business especially business involving use of high-tech gadgets, easy and accessible communication amongst employees and business owners is essential. This is where mobile devices and smart phones have made business operation easy over the years. On the flip side, smart phones have increased the temptation for distraction, non-MobiEspioniveness and abuse. Using MobiEspion will let you keep a tight rein on your employees’ daily activities. You can make sure they are staying on task by monitoring their Call Logs, their Text Messages and even can probe into their Contact Details, photos and websites being accessed. Buying MobiEspion helps you shift you burden and worries regarding misuse of limited business resources to us and you can spend your energies in devices more effective and creative business plan as you know what your employees are exactly doing.

  • Monitor activities of your employees.
  • Probe into their calls, text messages and contact list.
  • Keep check if your employees are efficiently utilizing your resources.
  • Allows you to be sure of the fact that your employees are maintain your business confidentiality.
  • View their photos and videos.
  • Look into browsing history of your employees.
  • You can make sure whether your employees are performing their duties diligently by scrutinizing their Appointments and business dealings.

Monitor Activities of your Children 24/7

Smart phones are more affordable and accessible than ever. They essentially function as miniature, mobile computing devices. They are of many uses in today’s technical world but you never know what your minor children are up-to. Just as you would want to protect your children’s home computing habits, you would also want to monitor how they interact with websites and other people when they are out and about in the world. MobiEspion spy application lets you keep a tight rein on the sites your children visit, and the people they talk to and interact with on their smartphone. You can also monitor their activity on mobile email, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and via text, picture and video messaging. MobiEspion helps you keep an eye on your children’s activities all time so there’s no need to worry with whom you child might be talking and what he/she is surfing on the web.

  • Monitor activities of your children.
  • Probe into their calls, text messages and contact list.
  • Keep check on the websites they are using.
  • Remain in touch with their social circle and activities.
  • View their photos and videos.
  • Detect whether your children are engaged into any MobiEspion and academic activities or not.

Find if your loved one is cheating you

Are you doubtful that your partner, spouse or significant is cheating you?

Check if all your suspicions are right by installing MobiEspion on the target device so come to you with whom they are talking,what they are saying, where they are visiting and what they are saying to you. Check on which location they are, where they are spending overnight? With whom they are texting for whole day and night. You’ll know all about this just after installing MobiEspion.

Taking Backup of Phone

MobiEspion provides you facility to take backup of your mobile phone data automatically in a safe way.

MobiEspion provides best way of automatic backup of all your phone calls, contacts, text messages, appointments you save, and real-world locations you travel to. MobiEspion take backup of all the activities you perform, and you can simply review them through your online web pannel when ever you want.

Taking backup of mobile activities are useful when you need to proof things during business contacts, billing disputes or any legal situation.If your device stolen or get lost, you need not to worry about your valuable asset of phone.

Tracking Geo Location

Track peoples using MobiEspion Remotely

Its been really annoying when someone lie with you, telling that they are somewhere but someone finds them on some other place.It would be helpful if you could find them where they currently are whenever you want.

Using MobiEspion you can Locate anyone’s GPS Location at any time. You just need to log in to your web panel, detail locations with map will be presented to you. So don’t get frustrated because now you can check everything just with one click.

You need not to worry if your device is stolen / destroyed, your activities are backed up on your web control panel.

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