Control Multiple Activities Remotely by Sending One SMS Command

MobiEspion Remote Panel provides users a facility to send remote control commands to the spied phone. Using this feature you can perform the following actions:

  • - By Signing into the account, you can access all the data remotely.
  • - Send the following remote control commands to spied Cell Phone.
    • o Delete Application Command
    • o Paused Application
    • o Start again Application
    • o Whole Phone Data Backup
    • o Listen live phone surrounding

Delete Application from Your Target Phone

By Sending an SMS command to target phone, Application will be deleted and will no longer in use. Using MobiEspion you can:

  • - Send an SMS command to target phone.
  • - Once target phone receive the command, application will stop working and will be deleted.

Pause Application on their Phone.

MobiEspion SMS command feature provides you a facility to pause the application in target phone by just sending one SMS command. Following Action can be done by these steps:

  • - Send an SMS on target Phone.
  • - As SMS command is received on device, Application will be paused and will not upload any data on Remote Account.

Start again Application On their Phone

Paused application on target phone can be started by sending an SMS command on Phone. Using MobiEspion SMS command Feature you can:

  • - Send Application Start again SMS command on target Phone.
  • - Once command gets received on target phone, application starts working and will upload all the data.

Take Whole Phone Data Backup of their Phone

You can get Backup of whole phone data can just by only sending one SMS command. All of this can be done by just:

  • - Sending an SMS command to target phone.
  • - Target phone will take backup of whole data an upload it on MobiEspion Remote Panel.

Listen Live Phone Surrounding

You can listen phone’s surrounding live just by sending an SMS command on target phone. This feature can be performed by doing the following steps:

  • - Send an SMS to target device, once SMS will receive on target phone spy call feature gets activated.
  • - Make a call on target phone and listen to phone’s surroundings

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