View Record Surroundings

This goes for all the concerned parents, anxious partners or simply caring friends; if worry won’t let you sleep at night, this feature is needed right away. Imagine the satisfaction to know that your teenagers are not being bullied at school, or your husband is really very busy with late night meetings. Simply switch on this live audio recording in their mobile phones and enjoy the pleasure of feeling right beside your loved ones, yet being so far away.
Now to give you an even more exciting and a wholesome spying experience, Mobiespion lets you listen to all that is going on around your object of spying! Here is how you may get on with this feature:

  • - At any time, and from anywhere, simply use the texting services to send an SMS.
  • - Audio recording launches itself instantly with the SMS.
  • - Downloadable recordings are immediately uploaded on your Mobiespion account.
  • - The account may be accessed from anywhere given the availability of internet.
  • - You may listen to the audio directly from the account.

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