Intro MobiEspion

MobiEspion is a spyware that provides you the most appropriate ways to obtain all information about activities of a smartphone. Replacing the orthodox detective, MobiEspion introduces a new and high-tech digital spy that when installed in a device gives full access to all the records including call log, contacts, Photos, text messages, appointments and geo location of its user. It helps you monitor your employees, children and partner silently without them even knowing about it. The truth will no longer go unnoticed as your MobiEspion monitors every activity performed by the under surveillance cell phone.

Functioning of MobiEspion

MobiEspion is very easy to use and install on the target phone. It only requires physical access to the target cell phone once while installing it and for rest of the period it provides remote and distant access to the activities and records of the smartphone.

Making the MobiEspion function in target cell phone involves five simple steps:

Purchasing MobiEspion:

You can easily purchase MobiEspion via an online transaction. On purchasing MobiEspionan email will be sent to you having details of the services purchased.

Downloading MobiEspion

After getting MobiEspion,you will be able to download MobiEspion software into the target cell phone. Downloading process is easy and very quick, it takes only few minutes to download MobiEspion on target phone

Installing MobiEspion:

Next step, following downloading theMobiEspion software, is installing it by running the exe file stored in the target device and adjusting the settings of that device as per the requirements of the MobiEspion software. (Installation Guidelines are available on website for iPhone/Android and BlackBerry)

Activation of MobiEspion:

An email is sent to you on purchasing service which contains activation code of MobiEspion. By giving the activation code, you can activate the service on target Phone or you can get activation code from logging into your account.

Logging into Your account:

Once MobiEspionis activated, now you can anytime log into your email account registered with MobiEspion at time of purchase and view all the activities of under surveillance device including call log, contacts, Photos, text messages, appointments and location of the user.

MobiEspion is easy to download and install taking few minutes and it’s undetectable. It works silently without being observed by the user leaving no trace behind. The person being spied will never be able to detect MobiEspion working on background of its smartphone.

Hence MobiEspion allows you to track the use of under surveillance mobile phone and be supplied with informative logs of data that are sent silently to your account.

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