Employee Monitoring Software

Mobile phone spy app/software, along with a myriad of other reasons, now gives another purpose for its use, and that is its service in monitoring employees. If trusting your employees has become a challenge, put this brilliant software to use.

Employee Monitor – Brilliance of the Spy Software

If you are the owner of your company, a novice or expert entrepreneur, or looking forward to be one, it is essential that trusted employees are hired. But trust is something you cannot even have for your kin today. Luckily, the uses of the mobile spy software can be stretched as far as work. Imagine the ease to be a 100% percent certain, regarding the safety of the business you worked so hard for. Now with companies like MobiEspion, offering bonus features with the spy software, people can be trusted once again.

Once installed on the target employee’s mobile phone, it does not take a minute to start with the update process. This process initiates through the website account, using which the software was purchased. The account starts showing all the records transferred from the mobile phone including the call log, text messages, appointment and meeting reminders, photos, videos, internet surfing history, nothing escapes the check of the mobile monitoring software. The information is refreshed every now and then, in order to keep the owner of the company updated about the employee under suspicion. And the fascinating bit is that back on the mobile phone itself, there is no clue of the monitoring software installed on it. This is possible because the of the software’s ability to merge itself with the original functioning of the mobile phone. Thus there is nothing letting the cat out of the bag, and your trust is secure with you.

With crime comes cover. If the employee turns out to be a fraud, and moreover happens to have an upper hand on keeping his communication private, there could be a problem. What if he keeps deleting all his messages, and meeting reminders, and contact details? Well, the MobiEspion spy app/software keeps check over this too, since the software tends to recover all the deleted stuff and yet updates the user over all the data from the cell phone. So keeping a low profile will not work for the employee. You can still tag all his contacts and catch him red-handed on their meeting spot.

But wait a minute. What if the mobile phone is barely used for communication, and instead secret meeting spots are used to plan and plot to bring downfall to your company? Do not fret, for the monitoring software takes care of this annoyance too. Its bonus feature is the geographical tracking feature, which will mark all the locations to which the mobile phone user is going. Using the GPS system, it can literally follow the employee on footsteps and update the user. So if revealing texts is not a useful idea to blow your employee’s cover, why not check the appointment date and timing, and give them a surprise on their secret plotting date with your competitors.

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