Monitor Call Log

This feature ensures ability to view full list and record of all calls that are made from and received on the target cell phone. Log of incoming and outgoing calls is updated along with the original time and duration of each call. Number of the caller or the number on which call is made can also be viewed. And if any call is deleted from the log you can still view it because it was uploaded to your account as soon as it was made or received.

All such information is uploaded to your account. You can view, download and save call logs by logging into their accounts.Your account is constantly updated with every single incoming/outgoing call.

Now there is no longer need to worry whom your children are talking to if you are a parent and you can also check that they are not using the phone when they are not allowed to. And as an employer you can outsource your tension to MobiEspion asit looks out for you that whether an employee is optimally using your resources, maintaining professional integrity and are not indulged into unnecessary chats when they are supposed to work.

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