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In this global village era where over a billion people are currently using smart phones and with the ever increasing influx of communication you never know who your loved ones are talking to so if you are looking to spy on someone may it be your spouse, children, girlfriend or boyfriend or even on some friend out of curiosity then MobiEspion is the solution. MobiEspion can provide you Call Logs, Text Messages, Contacts, Photos Appointments and Geo Locations. If your targeted person has an Android phone then all you need to do is to set up MobiEspion it will only take a couple of your minutes but after that it’s all downhill. MobiEspion will reveal the truth for you it will tell you the true nature of the people who you care about. Try it now!

MobiEspion cell phone spy software for Android provides you some wonderful features which help you spying cell phone activities. MobiEspion provides you an easy way to install Android Spy Software on target device within 2 to 3 minutes and monitor in which activities your child are involved, check with whom your spouse is talking to, and track location of your employees.

Following is the List of Features which currently MobiEspion Provides

  • Call Logs
  • SMS Logs
  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Photos
  • Geo Location
  • Unlimited Device Switch
  • Multiple Platform Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Control SMS Command


View all incoming and outgoing calls along with time and duration of target phone.


Read every sent and received text messages along with contents of target Phone.

View all contacts saved in under surveillance mobile phone.

View all appointments saved in target mobile phone.

View all photos taken from the phone and received via any source.

View the location of the cell phone and its user in real time.

Use your license on multiple platform with ease.

Switch one license on multiple platform.

mobile tracking software

All the Spied data can be viewed through an online MobiEspion Account.

mobile tracking software

Send SMS commands remotely to perform multiple actions.

MobiEspion is very easy to install



Purchase MobiEspion online through simple purchase process.



Get MobiEspion Installed on your target phone in few minutes.



Login to web account and view all the data of target phone spied by MobiEspion.

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